About the Editor!

Ok.. so I guess you’re wondering who I am?
I guess I’ll tell you a little about myself – then you can decide what you think of me.

My name’s Josh. I’m a second year Mathematics student, studying at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I’m passionate about maths – which is a strange concept for most people, because they hate it profusely.

I’m 19, strongly defiant… my mother would call me stubborn. I love helping people – this is my third year tutoring now, and I also work for my University, assisting students and running presentations about what high school was like for me.

I’m a typical teenager – I have problems, just like everyone else. But, I’m a hard worker, and I know that I’ll persevere and learn from my mistakes. Although, I have a blog that is there to help people – most people my age don’t understand why I would do something like that. In the same respect, a lot of people wonder why I don’t try to capitalize and make money off of it, too.

My views aren’t the same as my parents. I’ve got a comment for a lot of things, and sometimes I cross the line. I openly hate both major political parties in Australia, and sometimes I have a few heated comments about business and politicians. I’m not crazy – just opinionated.

The blog, in my mind, is a success if I can convince one person that maths isn’t that scary. I hope that one day, I’ll have the time to build a few maths guides and either give them away (or sell them cheaply, to maintain the site costs), and to help change the landscape of mathematics.

If you’re reading this, I have to say, I really appreciate that you’ve spent the time taking a look at this blog. It’s special to me, and I’m hoping that by sharing a little bit about myself will help you get a bit of perspective on where the writer is coming from.

Stay chill folks,


6 comments on “About the Editor!

  1. Just checked out your blog and I am really impressed. Great work and keep the information coming. I currently have a math / science blog I’m trying to get off the ground as a tutorial / reference blog. Give it a check.

    Keith C.
    USA, Florida

    • Nice, Keith!
      I’ve noticed that if you update regularly, and stay in touch with other blogs, that seems to work best. I have to admit, I’d have never gotten off of the ground if I didn’t have bloggers like Xandrè and Sichee come along and say what they thought about it. 🙂
      Tags really help too.

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