Author Profile – Chris

*Note: Chris is currently on hiatus, attending to his university studies. He’s also one of the head writers for Science Mayhem – so you may find him there instead of on here!*

Hey Loyal Followers of this blog,

My name is Chris Seaman and I graduated from the same high school class as Josh. I’m 19 and study at RMIT, however I am more science focused than mathematics. Whilst I am proficient at maths (Completing both Specialist and Methods in VCE) my area of expertise is in the three main sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

To save time however I’ll give you a quick run down on myself:

  • I am currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at RMIT. I hope this to lead me to either a PhD in Microbiology or studying Medicine post-graduate and becoming a Surgeon.
  • I am nerdy, however I love my sport. I am an avid cricketer and die hard footy (AFL) follower (Essendon is my choice of teams).
  • I love music, just about anything, and play guitar as a bit of a down time thing.
  •  I study thoroughly. When learning concepts I go to the very basics and work from there. If you ask me a question, expect a longish response which covers alot of theory

Thats about it. Feel free to ask me any science or maths questions, or suggest anything for me to blog about. My first blog is an insight into how maths plays a part in medicine, something that people don’t always see as correlating fields of study.




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