Alrighty, so welcome to the guestbook!

I have to be honest – I’ve never had a blog that’s grown this fast in such a small time. And I love that it’s doing that, there’s some things I would really, really love to do for the blog, and having you all around really makes me inclined to do things a little bit faster.

This is one of these things.

While it’s not maths, per se, it’s important to me. I’d love for Mathematical Mischief to have a huge, over-arcing, global reach that helps people with all sorts of skill sets, and all sorts of problems.

So, this is going to be the guestbook. If you ‘sign’ below, just leaving your name, where you come from, and what you do, I’m hoping to learn a bit more about my readers. Of course, if you don’t want to sign, there’s no obligation, but it would be a pretty cool thing to have. Sort of like a roadmap, or a travel diary. I think that’d be pretty incredible.

I’ll start with myself.

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m the founder and one of two writers for Mathematical Mischief, as well as a uni student, tutor, and retail worker, in Melbourne, Australia. I’m hoping to complete my degree at university, maybe do something more advanced, and make something trying to help people.

And now, it’s your turn. 🙂


7 comments on “Guestbook!

  1. This is a wonderful initiative. I stumbled on this.
    I am not a Mathematician but have always loved it…it is gratifying to find such passion and desire for sharing…

    All the best in your private and blog endeavours.

    Unknown Blogger
    Perhaps some puzzles you might like (just things that amuse me but may not amuse you):

  2. Hi, I’m Sara, I’m from Upstate New York and I’m studying Applied Mathematics and Statistics with a concentration in Engineering Science. I love the motivation for this blog and will definitely be following from now on. It’s so rewarding to get students interested in math, especially when they realize just how prevalent it is in our every day lives.

    • Thanks Sara! 🙂
      I have to admit, it’s very much worth it. It’ll take time, but when things get flowing, that’s when they’ll really start to shine, 🙂

  3. What a great site! I’m currently raising a math-phobic 11 year old, and while this stuff may be a little over his head, I’m going to have him check this out just so he can see that you can have fun with math (eventually).

    • Math-phobic? Should meet some of my friends, once they left math in high school, they never went back. Which is a shame, but it happens, I spose.
      If you’d ever like me to make resources and such to help, I’ve got the requests tab, too, so hopefully I can assist, 🙂

  4. hi .i’m omar al-hamoudi .I’m from yemen …i dont work english isnt good ..i’m a school leaver i’m 18 years old…i love math …

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