Ok, so this is the Questions page.

If you throw your Questions in the form below, and hit ‘Submit’, I’ll be able to help you out (with any luck). If not, I can recommend you to others that may be able to help.

You can ask anything you want here (except the obvious ones, don’t think you’re going to get my mobile number), it has to be related to mathematics, though.

You can ask about mobile phones, internet, something you’re keen on, interested, something you’d like to explore – I’m more than happy to take whatever questions you have, no matter how wacky or wonderful they are! 🙂

For all personal enquiries, use the Contact! page.

For all those with attachments:
If you have an attachment that needs to go with this form, please email it to

NOTE: If you are using an email service like mailinator (or any of it’s copycats) to contact me, it may take longer to get a response through. As I’m unable to send attachments/and the document is limited to 120kb, it makes it really difficult to get things understood really well. If I don’t get back to you within the standard 48 hours, contact me again, and I’ll figure out an alternative way to get the response to you.


Thanks for using the Questions service! 🙂


So, do you have something you'd like to say? :)

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